Olesya Vladimirovna Kozlova

birthdate: May 12, 1969


birthplace: Orsha city, Belorussia Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
298409, Nauchny
phone: +7 (36554) 71507
fax: +7 (36554) 71004
e-mail: oles_kozlova @mail.ru

Academic Degrees

1991 M.Sc. (Astronomy) Leningrad State University, Russia
2005 Ph.D. (Astrophysics) Pulkovo, St-Peterburg, Russia

Principal Employment:

1991-1994 Post-graduated student
1994-2003 Junior research scientist, Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (CrAO)
2003-present Scientist, CrAO


Degree Title Advisor
M. Sc. The modeling of synthetic spectra of Mira type stars S.V. Berduygina
Ph. D. Spectral variability of UX Ori type stars V.P. Grinin

Research Interests:

Yong stars with non-periodic Algol-type minima, UX Ori type stars, Ae/Be Herbig stars, protoplanetary disks, accretion disks, disk wind

Participation in Projects:

Stars on early stages of evolution (Evolution)

Selected publications:

  • Kozlova O.V., Grinin V.P., Rostopchina A.N. - УSpectroscopic evidence of sporadic gas accretion onto the Herbig Ae stars with non-periodic Algol-type minimaУ - Astron. and Astrophys. Transactions, 1995, V.8, P.249-259.
  • Grinin V.P., Kozlova O.V., The P.S., Rostopchina A.N. - "The ? Pictoris phenomenon among young stars. III. The Herbig Ae stars WW Vulpeculae, RR Tauris and BF Orionis" - Astron. Astrophys., 1996, V.309, P.474-480.
  • Kozlova O.V., Grinin V.G., Rostopchina A.N. - "Non-Stationary Gas Accretion on UX Ori type stars" - Astron. Astrophys. Transaction, 1998, V.15, P.153-157.
  • Beskrovnaya N.G., Pogodin M.A., Mirpshnichenko A.S., The P.S., Savanov I.S., Shakhovskoy N.M., Rostopchina A.N., Kozlova O.V., Kuratov K.S. - ТSpectroscopic, photometric, and polarimetric study of the Herbig Ae candidate HD 361У, Astron. and Astrophys., 1999, V.343, P.163.
  • Grinin V.P., Kozlova O.V., Natta A., Ilyin I., Touminen I., Rostopchina A.N. - "Optical spectra of five UX Ori-type stars" Р Astron. Astrophys., 2001, V.379, P.482-495.

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