50-cm Maksutov telescope (МТМ-500)


Primary mirror diameter0.5 m
Focal length6.5 m
Optical systemsMaksutov (f/13)
EquipmentCCD-camera in the coude focus
Coordinates44°43′35″ N;  34°00′55″ E


CCD-camera Apogee Alta U6


SensorKodak KAF1001E
Focusing device2″ Optec TCF-S Focuser
Filter wheelApogee FW50-9R with UBVRI filters
Frame size1024×1024 pixels, 12′.2×12′.2
Pixel size25 μm, 0″.71/pixel
Readnoise6.0 e-
Well Depth97000 e-
Dynamic resolution16 bits
CoolingDelta - 50°C. Operating temperature: -20°C
Achieving magnitude with a total exposure of 5 min (by summing 5 frames with 60-second exposure each one)17m.5 (R band)

In 2014 a CCD camera with a set of UBVRI filters was mounted on the telescope and systematic observations of exoplanet transits were started.