38-cm Cassegrain telescope (К-380)


The telescope has a mirror of 38 cm in diameter, Cassegrain systems (F/13), it has been developed at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory specially for photometric observations. Mirrors were polished by G.V. Borisov. Electro-mechanical components of the telescope were manufactured by engineers of CrAO A.N. Abramenko, G.A. Sivtsov and N.N. Okhmat. The telescope was mounted and put into operation in 1998. CCD SBIG ST-7 was used as a radiation receiver but in 2012 it was equipped with a new matrix Apogee Alta E47. In 2013 the telescope was repaired and control system was upgraded – this gave the opportunity of remote control over slow motion and exposure options of the telescope. The main objective of the telescope is photometric study of cataclysmic variable stars and related objects.

Primary mirror diameter0.38 m
Focal length5 m
Optical systemsCassegrain focus (f/13)
EquipmentCCD camera Apogee Alta E47 and turret with BVRI filters
Coordinates44°43′13″ N;  34°01′11″ E