Stellar Magnetism Laboratory

Head of laboratory: V.V. Butkovskaya

Staff: R.E. Gershberg, S.I. Plachinda, I.Yu. Alekseev, N.I. Bondar, M.N. Lovkaya, D.N. Baklanova, E.Yu. Kilpio, N.F. Pankov, E.B. Ryspaeva

IIn this project we investigate solar type activity on stars:

  • Precision measurements of magnetic field strength on stars with different masses and ages, including Sun. To this aim we use original stokesmeter, developed by Stellar Physics Department staff members and mounted on echelle spectrograph in Coude focus on 2.6-m Shajn telescope.
  • Long-term photometric and spectral monitoring of red dwarfs and other related objects, showing Solar type activity with aim to investigate stellar activity cycles. Searching for possible correlations between stellar activity cycles and main stellar characteristics. Investigation any connection between different parameters of cycling processes.
  • High-speed UBVRI-photometry of flared stars, held in the frameworks of international project, with aim to investigate physical processes during transient sporadic stellar flares.
  • Analysis of the wide photometric and spectral data, collected in the framework of project “Crimean astronomical virtual observatory” (CrAVO).