Stellar Evolution Laboratory

Head of the laboratory: Dr. Leonid S. Lyubimkov

Staff: P.P. Petrov, K.N. Grankin, G.A. Galazutdinov, D.N. Shakhovskoy, S.A. Korotin, O.V. Kozlova, T.V. Demidova, E.V. Babina, D.B. Poklad, D.V. Dmitriev, V.V. Grigoryev

We investigate the young stars that are on three earliest stages of their evolution: 1) pre-main sequence stars (PMS) – T Tauri and HerbigAe/Be type stars and related objects; 2) stars on Main sequence – dwarfs and giants of B and A spectral class; 3) stars just after Main sequence – giants and supergiants of A, F, G and K spectral classes.

First research group investigates an evolution of magnetic fields, connection of stars with their accretion disk, and physical properties of protoplanets disks. With this aims we take series of photometric, spectral, polarimetric and magnetometric observations with telescopes in CrAO and in other observatories.

Second research group investigates capacities of some light chemical elements, that are markers of stellar evolution. For numbers of chemically peculiar stars we can determine Lithium capacity.

The third research group investigates carbon capacity and relation of carbon isotopes 12C/13C for numbers of cool giants and supergiants. By high-resolution spectra, taken for about 50 K-giants, we measure Lithium and Carbon capacities, as well as ratio 12C/13C – all this parameters represent stellar evolution. We also measure precision radial velocities for giants and dwarfs of G and K spectral classes with aim to search for planets orbiting this stars.