Petrov P.P.

Peter P. Petrov


Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
298409, Nauchny
fax: +7 (36554) 71004
e-mail: petrov; petrogen

Research Interests:

Young stars: T Tauri stars, FUors

Participation in Projects:

"Early Stellar Evolution" (2013-2017)

Selected publications:

  • "Rotation effects in classical T Tauri stars"; Artemenko, S.A.; Grankin, K.N.; Petrov, P.P.; Astronomy Letters, V. 38, P.783-792, 2012
  • "Accretion-powered chromospheres in classical T Tauri stars"; Petrov, P.P.; Gahm, G.F.; Stempels, H.C.; Walter, F.M.; Artemenko, S.A.; Astonomy & Astrophysics , V.535, P.6, 2011
  • "Line Structure in the Spectrum of FU Orionis"; Petrov, P.P.; Herbig, G.H.; Astronomical Journal, V.136, P.676, 2008
  • "High-Resolution Spectroscopy of FU Orionis Stars"; Herbig, G.H.; Petrov, P.P.; Duemmler, R.; Astrophysical Journal, V.595, P.384, 2003
  • "T Tauri Stars"; Petrov, P.P.; Astrophysics, V.46, P.506, 2003
  • "Characteristic times of wind variability in classical T Tauri stars"; Babina, E.V.; Artemenko, S.A.; Petrov, P.P.; Grankin, K.N.; Bulletin of the Crimean Astrophys. Obs., V.109, p.59, 2013
  • "Non-axisymmetric accretion on the classical TTS RW Aur A"; Petrov, P.P.; Gahm, G.F.; Gameiro, J.F.; Duemmler, R.; Ilyin, I.V.; Laakkonen, T.; Lago, M.T.V.T.; Tuominen, I.; Astronomy & Astrophysics, V.369, P.993, 2001

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