Dilyara N. Baklanova

birthdate: December 31, 1981


birthplace: Kazan city, Russia Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
Scientific Research Institute
298409, Nauchny
fax: +7 (36554) 71004
e-mail: dilyara

Academic Degrees

2004 M.Sc. (Astronomy). Kazan State University, Kazan, Russia
2015 Ph.D. (Astrophysics). The Central Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences at Pulkovo, St. Peterburg, Russia

Principal Employment:

2004-2015 Junior research scientist, Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
2016-present Research scientist, Crimean Astrophysical Observatory

Research Interests:

Magnetic field, Solar-like Stellar Activity, Spectroscopy, Spectropolarimetry

Selected publications:

  • Pavlenko, E.P.; Shugarov, S.Yu.; Baklanova, D.N.; Katysheva, N.A. ТOutbursts of selected dwarf novas and postnovasУ, 2008 Bull. CrAO, v.104, p.109
  • Butkovskaya V., Baklanova D., Han I., Kim K. M., Lyashko D., Mkrtichian D., Plachinda S., Valyavin G., Tsymbal V. ТRotational variation of the magnetic field of ? CrB in different spectral linesУ, 2008 Odessa Astronomical Publications, vol. 21, p.19.
  • Baklanova D.N., Plachinda S.I. ТHigh-accuracy magnetic field measurements on cool giant ? GeminorumУ, 2010, Odessa Astronomical Publications, vol. 23, p. 11.
  • Baklanova D.N., Plachinda S.I. ТGeneral magnetic field on the weakly-active yellow giant Pollux and on the old dwarf star 61 Cyg AУ, 2011, Astron. Nachr., vol. 332, pp. 939-942.
  • Baklanova, D. and Plachinda, S. "Meridional flow velocities on solar-like stars with known activity cycles". 2015 Advances in Space Research, vol.55, p.817Р821.

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